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Grand Prize-BRACES

One ticket for 50 ILS
Buy 4 and get 1 FREE

Chinese Auction Prizes #'s 2-27

One ticket for 25 ILS
Buy 4 & get 2 for FREE

Random Raffle

One ticket for 10 ILS
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All prices are suggested donations.

Grand Prize

Buy 4, Get 1 Free.

Chinese Auction Prizes
Last Year's Chinese Auction
Copy of pinsky
Copy of supernal
Copy of everyone sitting
Copy of Rabbi Orlofsky
Sara Baila Voucher
Copy of IMG_1875.JPG
Copy of IMG_1479.JPG
Copy of IMG_1889.JPG
Copy of IMG_1935.JPG
Copy of IMG_1489.JPG
Copy of IMG_1952.JPG
Copy of IMG_1886.JPG
Copy of IMG_1509.JPG
Copy of IMG_1901.JPG
Holy Bagel Voucher
Copy of IMG_2286.JPG
Copy of IMG_2178.JPG
Copy of IMG_2292.JPG
Copy of IMG_2150.JPG
Copy of IMG_2299.JPG
Copy of IMG_1996.JPG
Copy of IMG_2116.JPG
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Annual Chinese Auction 

  • Date: November 16

  • Time: 7:45pm

  • Place: Zoom


  • Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn

  • Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky

  • Abi (Yudin) Scheinfeld

  • Jezliah Villarreal of "The Royal Project”

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